Bad Breath Can Ruin Intimacy

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, many people are making plans for a romantic night with their partner or trying to find a new love prospect. Dating and relationships are tricky enough, adding bad breath to the mix can really cause intimacy issues.

What is the best way to end your bad breath? Prevent it. If you suffer from post nasal drip, try our TheraBreath PLUS Nasal-Sinus drops.  Don’t want to use nasal drops? Then try TheraBreath’s PLUS Power Drops our most potent formula for chronic bad breath, just put a few drops on the back of your tongue. Offensive breath from dry mouth can be quelled by using AktivOxigen Tablets. Just mix one tablet with eight ounces of water to make a potent oral rinse, double up on the tablets for extra strength. Try a Dr. Katz Hygienator Oral Irrigator to blast away tonsil stones. If gum disease is the source of your unpleasant breath, try our complete line of PerioTherapy, specifically designed to heal damaged gums and freshen your breath.

When it comes to intimate moments, our sense of smell is often something that is overlooked at as part of the experience. When the lights are low and sight is impaired, sense of smell becomes sharper. Researchers say that our sense of smell can dramatically affect our perception of things and experiences. If your halitosis is the only thing your lover can smell, they may view any experience with you negatively. 

Foul odors can really put a damper on the mood and romance in a relationship, especially if it is a chronic problem. While your partner may love you with all of your faults (we all have some) bad breath doesn’t have to be one of them- our customer testimonials are proof! Bad breath can interfere with bonding experiences that make a relationship stronger and in some severe cases, even threaten a marriage.

According to Voxy News, a female patient seeking treatment at an Australian breath clinic attributed her divorce to her persistent halitosis. The patient stated that her chronic bad breath made it difficult to be intimate with her husband. This led to distance in the relationship and eventual separation. She also told the directors at the clinic that her foul breath left her with little self-confidence and damaged her emotionally. Now that her halitosis is cured, she is overcoming her social hang ups and regaining her self-worth.

If you are single or dating casually, your first impression is vital when meeting new people. You don’t want bad breath to accompany your introduction, possibly having you miss out on meeting someone that could be really special to you. Anecdotal evidence suggests that this is a huge problem in relationships and dating. Avoid an uncomfortable situation and boost your self-esteem by knowing that you have fresh breath.

If you’re on the go quite often, consider throwing some 9X PLUS Breath Strips or French Kiss Chewing Gum into your purse or pocket and just pop one in your mouth whenever you aren’t sure about the freshness of your breath.  Want to take a more holistic approach to your oral health? Try an oral care probiotic. Research has shown that oral care probiotics can help your body’s ability to resist cavities, sore throats, ear infections, plaque, bad breath and more.

Whether you are single and looking or happily settled in a relationship, you never want to be concerned about your breath when having an intimate conversation or sharing a smooch with your honey.

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  1. Thomas Martin Says:

    Great article, I personally know a few people who’s relationships are suffering due to Bad Breath, Its one of the main reasons that would put me off a potential partner

  2. Dental Hygienist Mississauga Says:

    This is so true. Bad breath can be a total deal breaker. Thanks for the helpful easy tips to avoid the dreaded bad breath.

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