Past Celebrities and Historical Figures with Bad Breath

Smoking, consuming alcohol, plaque, gum disease, dry mouth, post nasal drip, and tonsil stones are just a few causes of bad breath. Given the many causes, it’s no wonder that millions of people suffer (and have suffered) from bad breath.

Here are a few high-profile people of the past with bad breath, why they had it, and what they could have done to treat it.

Clark Gable – a famous actor of the 20th century is best known for his role in Gone with the Wind and his strong halitosis.  His co-star Vivien Leigh reportedly complained often of Gable’s bad breath while on-set filming the classic Civil War movie. His foul breath came from his dentures. False teeth and dental bridges can be a source of bad breath, especially when they are not cleaned properly. Perhaps Clark should have washed his dentures in one of TheraBreath’s oral rinses for his on (and off) screen kissing scenes.

Winston Churchill – this well-known British orator, prime minister and Nobel Prize winner was also known for having foul breath. The cause of his breath is reportedly smoking 10 cigars a day. Aside from the other known health factors, smoking can lead to tooth decay, dry mouth and bacterial growth – all of which cause bad breath. If Churchill had followed his daily cigars with a Mouth Wetting Lozenge from TheraBreath, his breath wouldn’t have been an issue.

Barry Marshall – a Noble Prize winner who discovered that ulcers are caused bacteria, not stress. In order to prove his theory, he drank a sample of the bacteria Helicobacter pylori. Within a week he was suffering from stomach cramps, nausea and awful breath. This bacterium is also known to cause gum disease.  Marshall’s stinky breath was probably a result of the anaerobic bacteria that are associated with gum disease. It could have been halted by regular brushing, rinsing and flossing with TheraBreath’s line of PerioTherapy products.

George Washington – America’s first president and Revolutionary War hero, not to mention the face on the quarter and one dollar bill. Washington also had dentures. Contrary to popular culture, his teeth were not made of wood but of a combination of hippo ivory, human teeth and donkey teeth. By the time Washington became president he has lost all but one tooth. Pictures of his dentures show them covered with a yellow plaque. This plaque and remnants of decaying food were no doubt the source of his foul breath. Maybe an Ozonator would have been the best bet for President Washington. He could have soaked his dentures in ozonated water to help remove the bacteria and smell.

The best way to keep your breath fresh is to brush, floss and use an oral rinse that is alcohol free at least twice a day. If you are suffering from bad breath, you are definitely not alone. Even the most famous and powerful people can have halitosis. Try TheraBreath’s products – they are guaranteed to stop bad breath.

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