Bad Breath on a Talk Show

Recently, E! TV’s website posted a short clip of an episode of the Dr. Oz show where Dr. Oz smells a woman’s breath and clearly taken aback by it. While it is a funny scene, and no doubt embarrassing for the woman, Dr. Oz does state that bad breath may be a warning sign of something else and is no laughing matter. It is definitely true that bad breath is not something to be ignored; it may be a symptom of one or more of the following conditions:

Dry mouth and gum disease are often linked to bad breath. This is because the volatile sulfur producing compounds in our mouth that cause bad breath thrive in a dry, anaerobic environment. When our mouths are full of healthy, oxygen-rich saliva, then it is harder for the bacteria to thrive and create bad breath. The best way to avoid dry mouth is to use oral care products that don’t contain alcohol (you may want to check your ingredient labels) and to keep hydrated, drinking plenty of water throughout the day. None of TheraBreath’s products contain alcohol of any sort and are ideal for maintain fresh breath.

Post nasal drip is a build-up of excess mucus in the back of the throat and the sinuses. The anaerobic bacteria that cause bad breath love the proteins that are found in phlegm, mucus and dairy foods. Medication does offer a source of relief for post nasal drip, however many of the medications and nasal drops contain ingredients that may lead to dry mouth and more bad breath. For a list of some common medications, click here. If you do suffer from post nasal drip, you may want to try a Nasal-Sinus Irrigator. You can read more about it in one of our previous posts.

Diet is also something to be mindful of when considering your breath. Dairy foods, foods rich in sugar, a diet rich in meat products and alcohol can result in bad breath. If you are lactose intolerant, this might be the main cause of your bad breath. People that are lactose intolerant end up with more dense proteins available as bad breath fuel for the bacteria than those who have no problem with dairy foods (milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, etc.) The end result is a buildup of amino acids, which are easily converted into volatile sulfur compounds by the anaerobic bacteria found within the surface of your tongue and throat.

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