Smoking Does More than Give You Stinky Breath

We all know that smoking and using tobacco products are bad for us. Well, now there are another two smoking-related diseases we can add to the list – Alzheimer’s and dementia.

“New information reveals smoking threatens public health in late life, when people are already more likely to develop dementia” states’s recent article on this topic. “Researchers say this really adds to the understanding that the brain is also susceptible to tobacco.”

Yes, it’s true that smoking is bad for your overall health. But what about your teeth, breath and mouth?  It’s not the actual smoking itself but smoking often causes Dry Mouth or Burning Tongue Syndrome. If your mouth is dry, that means that it isn’t producing enough saliva. Saliva is very rich in oxygen with makes it difficult for the anaerobic bacteria to produce sulfur – which is what causes bad breath.

You can stop bad breath aka Smoker’s Breath by drinking plenty of water (8 glasses) each day, taking vitamin C and using mouthwash without alcohol in it. The alcohol in mouthwash will just dry your mouth out more. Chewing sugar-free gum can also increases saliva production, helping to keep Smoker’s Breath away.

So whether you smoke or not, it is completely your decision. But no matter what, you can still have fresh, kissable breath. No one wants to smell likes an ash tray, so why would you want to kiss one?

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