Missing Breakfast Helps Cause Bad Breath

As you’ve been told from childhood, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In today’s busy world, it’s all too common for people to get up and run out the door to the office or school without having time to grab something to eat. But eating breakfast is very important. Your body hasn’t eaten in many hours (depending on how long you sleep) and your metabolism needs to get kicked back into gear with a meal to carry you throughout your day.

But did you know that skipping breakfast can also lead to bad breath? Chewing while eating your breakfast helps to stimulate your salivary glands, thus creating saliva to keep bad breath away and to help digest the food you are eating.

Most people wake up with morning breath. This is because while we sleep, our brain tells our salivary glands that we are sleeping and decreases saliva production. Learn more about morning breath and how to treat it here: http://www.therabreath.com/art_morningbreath.asp.

Studies have also shown that people that forget to eat breakfast also have a higher tendency to forget to brush their teeth. By not brushing your teeth in the morning, you are allow all of the sulfur-producing compounds that have accumulated in your mouth to continue producing – meaning more bad breath on top of morning breath!

Skipping breakfast and heading to work may make you the person at the office with bad breath. Who wants to be the stinky co-worker? Nobody! Make sure to eat something for breakfast and to brush and rinse with TheraBreath products. All of TheraBreath’s oral care products stop bad breath and eliminate morning breath.

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