Women Go To Extremes to Keep Up with Beauty Standards

The desire to be thin and beautiful has been in the media for ages. The pressure for young women to attain a body weight that isn’t always healthy has driven many to eating disorders, unhealthy diets and even surgical procedures.

Recently The Sun has reported, there is a new Dukan Diet in Hollywood.  It is a diet that requires eating a diet of only protein. Famous stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Gisele Bunchen and opera singer Katherina Jenkins are on the bandwagon.

A plastic surgeon with offices in Los Angeles and Long Beach is surgically implanting a tongue patch to his patients to help them lose weight quickly. FoxNews.com reported on this procedure that Dr. Nikolas Chugay has conducted on over sixty of his patients. The FDA approved material is placed on the tongue, making it extremely painful to chew. The patients are to consume only liquids for a period of thirty days.

But the need to be thin isn’t just a Hollywood craze. In an article by Mmegionline.bw, women in Botswana are having their teeth clamped for six weeks. This makes it impossible to chew, brush your teeth, speak and even smile normally.

Once off of these diets, are the women able to keep the weight off? Most that have undergone the procedures say “No”.

Aside from the health risks, that major side effect of these diets is bad breath.  When these protein molecules are broken down, they release particles called ketones and ammonia. These unpleasant particles are absorbed into the bloodstream and travel into the lungs, where they are exhaled – causing halitosis.

The tongue patch and teeth clamping don’t fare much better against keeping bad breath away. It would no doubt occur as the mouth would become more acidic due to the all liquid diet. This could also lead to cavities and dry mouth. A dry mouth is prime breeding grounds for the volatile sulfur compounds that breed in environments free of oxygen. The inability to brush your teeth during teeth clamping could also lead to cavities.

What is the best way to lose weight? Doctors say that eating a balanced, healthy meal rich in fruits and vegetables and exercising regularly are the best way to lose weight and keep it off. Crisp fruits and vegetables are also a great way to maintain healthy, fresh breath.

With all the focus on one’s appearance, maintaining a healthy mouth should be just as important, especially when undergoing one of these new diets. If you are thinking about trying a protein-based or liquid diet, make sure to stock up on TheraBreath products to avoid foul smelling breath while and after you lose the weight.  If you do get a craving for something sweet, try our sugar-free gum and mints. Not only are they sugar-free but they promote healthy breath.

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