Holiday Season May Increase Bad Breath

With the passing of Halloween, the holiday season is now in full swing.  Hanukah, Christmas and New Year’s will be here before we know it. This means celebrating and consuming large, delicious meals with family and friends. Along with food comas, bad breath may also be a side effect of these wonderful meat-filled and sugar-packed festivities.

Cavities from nibbling on the left over Halloween candy or the goodies around the office also spike around this time. Dentists report a sharp increase in the number of cavities they treat. A few pieces of candy every now and then won’t do any harm, but it is vital to maintain healthy oral hygiene, especially during this time of year.

Many of us use the holiday season as an excuse to pig out on proteins and rich, sugary desserts. These are all foods that are known to cause bad breath. When the body digests protein (especially a lot of it) volatile sulfur compounds are released into the bloodstream and out of your mouth – causing a foul smelling odor that is halitosis. Sugar can stick to the surface of teeth and all around the mouth which increases oral bacteria.

So should you pass on the holiday meals and go for healthier options? It’s something to consider, but don’t let cavities and bad breath keep you from fully enjoying your holidays.  Check out TheraBreath’s complete line of oral care products that are guaranteed to stop bad breath and try them out before you chow down.

Need a gift idea for the holidays? TheraBreath has complete Starter Kits that take the guess work out of getting and keeping fresh breath for that New Year’s kiss.

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2 Responses to “Holiday Season May Increase Bad Breath”

  1. colorado bail bond Says:

    I wear invisalign braces and fresh breath is important to me

  2. Glendale Dentist Says:

    Most of us, treat a holiday as an exemption to our health consciousness. But we must be much aware of our oral health when holiday season came. Overlooking the foods we eat and drinks we take should be considered to maintain an overall healthy body.

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