Glee TV Star Confesses Bad Breath is the #1 Turn Off

Emmy-nominated Matthew Morrison (better known as teacher Will Schuester on the hit TV show Glee) has been getting tons of attention from the opposite sex since the hit TV started. In an interview with he dished about what he does and doesn’t look for in a woman – so you single women may want to pay attention.

As he has gotten older, he admits his tastes have changed quite a bit. “I used to go for the blonde cheerleader type, now I like brunettes.”  He also likes people with a “natural sense of humor”.

But more importantly, what is his number one turn off? Bad breath. Morrison recalls one specific date that was completely ruined by halitosis. “I remember one date with a girl who had the worst breath but talked the whole way through dinner. She didn’t get a kiss.”

Morrison would even take burping and passing gas in a potential partner over stinky breath. “Burping or farting is fine – that happens to everyone.”

Studies have shown that bad breath is the number one turn off in potential partners, and Morrison just proves this point more.

Women who want even the slightest chance with Morrison must make sure to have fresh breath. The best way to do this is to brush, floss and use a mouthwash that doesn’t contain alcohol. Regular visits to the dentist are also crucial.

Be sure to use a daily regimen of TheraBreath’s oral care products to eliminate bad breath. They will make you confident about your breath, just in case you run in to Morrison and strike up a conversation. Hey, it could happen.

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