Whiten Your Teeth the Right Way

Extreme Teeth WhiteningIt’s easy to get caught up in those flashy commercials and advertisements that show you before and after photos of gleaming white smiles and perfect teeth, but are those really the results you can expect?  If you want to whiten your teeth the right way, you may need to apply a few whitening treatments before you see positive changes.

There are three basic types of procedures to whiten your teeth at home.  You can also go to the dentist to do it, but that method is prohibitively expensive for most folks.  You can go to any pharmacy or online teeth whitening site and purchase whitening strips, brush-on whitening kits, or trays with bleaching gels.  Out of the three of these, the trays are by far the most effective.  There are three main reasons why:

  • Brush-on whitening comes off when it gets wet.
  • Whitening strips don’t cover the entire tooth surface.
  • Bleaching gels come with a stronger concentration of peroxide.

The products that you buy in a pharmacy may have been sitting on the shelves for quite some time and may not be as effective as they were when they were manufactured.  Since strips and brush-on solutions are the most popular methods to whiten your teeth, stores will purchase larger quantities and store them in a warehouse.  By the time they get to you, those products may be ineffective.

Trays with bleaching gels require the most work and are more expensive, so they aren’t purchased by the retailer in the same quantities.  Not only do they do a better job, but they’re by far more potent than either of the other two options, making them truly the “right” way to whiten your teeth.

Photo Credit:  Chris on Flickr

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