Truths and Fallacies of Bad Breath Causes

Mouth (2)Are you suffering from bad breath? If you just cupped your hand in front of your mouth when you read that and blew into it, you’re a victim of one of the fallacies that are prevalent about bad breath and bad breath causes. You cannot smell your own bad breath. The body isn’t built that way. It has a defense mechanism which protects you from being overwhelmed by your own odors. Others can smell it, but you can’t.

Another fallacy about bad breath causes is that it is caused by poor oral hygiene. This can contribute to the condition, but it’s not the cause. Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is caused by the sulfur emissions of anaerobic bacteria which live in everyone’s mouth. Not cleaning your teeth will provide nourishment to these bacteria, causing them to produce more sulfur. That is what causes that smell, not rotting food between your teeth as many people believe.

There are also fallacies about the prevention of bad breath. Not all toothpastes and mouthwashes deter the condition. Some even make it worse. Certain ingredients, like alcohol and sugar, either provide sustenance to bacteria or dry your mouth out, creating an environment where bacteria thrive and multiply. Check your oral care products and make sure they don’t contain either of these ingredients.

The truth about bad breath is that it can be prevented and very few instances of the condition can be considered “chronic”. There are certain liver, kidney and heart diseases that can cause you to have bad breath, but most of the time you get it because the bacteria in your mouth is not being neutralized by oxygenation. Where does that oxygenation come from? Your mouths best defense is its own saliva, a major source of oxygen which keeps conditions from becoming too dry and prevents sulfur emissions.

The next time you go shopping for oral care products, look at the ingredients. If you smoke, quit. Smoking dries out the mouth and can also cause ulcers and canker sores in the lining of your cheeks, not to mention cancer, lung diseases, and heart conditions. You’ll also want to make sure your toothpaste doesn’t contain sodium lauryl sulfate. It’s not simply a foaming agent like the manufacturers claim, its soap. That will cause you some problems also. Know the facts, ignore the fallacies, and your breath will be sweeter the next time you open your mouth.

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