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Bad Breath Cures That Actually Work

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Bad Breath CuresYes, there are bad breath cures that actually work. If you’ve tried multiple techniques and none of them have been successful for you, there’s a good chance you’ve been treating the symptoms and side effects of the condition known as halitosis without addressing the source of the problem.

Don’t be embarrassed if that’s the case. It’s a lot more common than you might think. Since the medical industry itself has only recently learned the true cause of bad breath, you might be trying to cure it using misinformation that was unintentionally provided by a doctor.

What causes bad breath? Answering that question puts you halfway towards finding bad breath cures. The actual cause may not be what you think it is. All of that old school thinking about poor oral hygiene and certain foods being the culprits is only half correct.

Protein-rich foods can cause bad breath, but not directly. Their presence in the body provides sustenance for anaerobic bacteria that are the actual cause of the condition. If you’re looking for bad breath cures, you need to find ones that address the root cause, not one of the many surface issues.

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Celebrities Have Bad Breath Too

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

We like to think that our favorite celebrities are without flaws, but the truth is, they all have issues like us. For instance, it’s been highly noted that many celebrities have bad breath. It’s understandable considering many actors spend hours upon hours shooting scenes. When you have to say lines over and over or sing for hours on end, you’re likely to end up with a dry mouth and bad breath. Celebrities drink coffee and alcohol just like most people, so of course they’re going to have bad breath too.

We hate to break it to Matt Damon fans, but allegedly he has bad breath. Not too long ago, Sarah Silverman was quoted as saying this about him:

“The worst thing I could say is, you know, Matt Damon is, like, a perfectionist. And his breath is like, Jesus! And his hair plugs are really obvious.”

This was said about Damon during an event back in March where he was presented with the 24th American Cinematheque Award. Although Sarah Silverman said it in a joking manner, there is probably some truth to what she said.

We don’t want to single Matt Damon out because there is a long list of celebrities who have been reported as having bad breath. We won’t mention names, but there are many famous people who have turned to Dr. Katz to help them with their dry mouth and bad breath problems.

Naturally, if you have dry mouth, this means you have less saliva in your mouth. This creates an environment with less oxygen and more bacteria. If you have this problem, remember that you’re not alone! We do recommend using our oral rinse twice a day, drinking plenty of water, and taking Vitamin C on a daily basis.



The Best Halitosis Cure

Monday, July 19th, 2010

halitosis cureIf you’re looking for the best halitosis cure, then you’ve come to the right place. There are various methods to eliminate bad breath, including natural cures, but we like to think that TheraBreath has the best products on the market to help beat halitosis.

If you’re not familiar with the TheraBreath line of oral hygiene products, you should know that all of our products are based on highly potent, but extremely safe Oxyd-VIII. Oxyd-VIII is a refined and properly pH balanced formula derived from sodium chlorite, a chemical that has been used in water purification for many decades.

Read 7 reasons why TheraBreath is superior to any group of products.

Over the years Dr. Katz has treated over 10,000 cases of halitosis and discovered this one basic truth: that in order to cure halitosis, you have to attack the volatile sulphur compounds produced by the bacteria in your mouth.

TheraBreath’s patented formula neutralizes the odors and bacteria in the mouth, leaving your mouth and breath feeling fresh and clean. We have many testimonials from satisfied customers. All you have to do is do an internet search for “TheraBreath reviews” and you’ll find that our products have worked wonders for people who have had issues with bad breath.

If you’re still using oral hygiene products that contain alcohol and other harmful chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), you are putting your long-term health at risk. Let us remind you that alcohol-based mouthwashes can lead to dry mouth and make your halitosis problem even worse. All these mouthwashes do is cover up your bad breath, not eliminate it.

Still not convinced that TheraBreath products are the best cure for halitosis? Well, we invite you to try them out for 30 days. If you’re not completely satisfied, you can return any product and receive a full refund. Do you know of any other company that offer this type of guarantee?

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Does At-Home Whitening Work?

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Your dentist is probably trying to sell you on the newest laser or power bleaching techniques, but you could be wasting your money on something that you can just as easily and far more affordably, do at home. Does at-home whitening work? Yes, absolutely. The technology that is used today in the dentist’s office is available online and at your local pharmacy. Take a look at your options before you go out and spend all that money on the professional version of the procedure.

With the dentist office procedure, your dentist makes custom molds of your teeth and sends them off to a lab to have a mouthpiece made that he can fill with peroxide and place over your teeth. Once they’re comfortably in, you’ll be asked to sit in front of argon light for about an hour until your teeth become visibly whiter. In offices where more modern technology is used, you might be able to skip the plate making and have your teeth covered with peroxide gel, but you’ll still end up burning an hour of your time in front of the light.

The home procedures are much simpler. At-home whitening works using the same type of peroxide mixes that can be found in a dentist office. This mix can be applied by brushing, whitening strips, or using trays with bleaching gels. If you’re shopping for any of these, look for mixtures that don’t contain glycerin. Glycerin itself isn’t harmful, but when mixed with peroxide it can cause sensitivity in the teeth.

The strengths of each type of at-home whitening vary. Brushing is generally considered the least effective by dental professionals with whitening strips rating not much higher. Each of them are advertised heavily and mass-produced with low pricing in mind. That would seem to be an advantage, but those treatments need to be repeated so many times that it actually becomes more expensive. Trays with bleaching for at-home whitening work the best out of all of your choices.

Does at-home whitening work better than the dentist version of the procedure? When measured against each other in one sitting, the dental procedure will probably make your teeth whiter, but it will cost you anywhere from $500-$1500 depending on the method used. At-home whitening works well and you can purchase the kit needed to do it for under $100. That’s definitely a better option, particularly in this economy when we’re all trying to save our pennies for the next rainy day.

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How to Get Rid of Bad Breath

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Getting rid of bad breath could be as simple as brushing your teeth more often or it could be far more complicated. There are steps you can take yourself and others that you’ll need the help of a medical professional with. Knowing which is which is where you’ll find relief, both from the condition and from the feelings of self-consciousness and inadequacy that often accompany it. There is a solution, so don’t despair.

Oral hygiene and dry mouth are the two most common causes of bad breath and each can be easily remedied. Brush, floss and drink lots of water. The food and plaque that build up between teeth and under gums can cause your mouth to emit a foul odor when you open it. A lack of oxygen-rich saliva in the mouth allows certain sulfur-producing bacteria to multiply and causes you to have bad breath. This happens mainly at night while you’re sleeping, leading to that infamous “morning breath” we’ve all experienced at some point. Keep your mouth hydrated and look for oxygen-containing rinses and supplements to take before going to bed at night if you want to avoid it.

Sometimes, a trip to your medical doctor could be the solution to eliminating bad breath. There are a number of gastric and pulmonary conditions that can cause it and problems with the kidneys, liver, and immune system are often detected by its presence. If you’ve tried everything else and it doesn’t seem to be working, have yourself checked out. The problem could be physical, not oral.

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