Daters Should Watch Out for Bad Breath

Date with Bad BreathFor those of you are making a returning to the dating world consider this: many daters say there is nothing worse than a partner who has bad breath.

Few things can end a first date faster than halitosis. Failure to fix this problem may lead you to limited romantic success. Even those with bad breath who manage to make it past the first date may find further pitfalls.

Canadian writer Alan Schwartz recently told the Toronto Star that he once broke up with a woman – who he describes as beautiful and intelligent – because she had bad breath.

“Her mouth had a skanky taste,” he told the news source. “I don’t know how to explain it, almost a cigarette breath with raw egg thrown in.”

With a description like that, it’s no wonder he dumped the woman. Even though Schwartz says she had many other attractive qualities, her halitosis was too much to overlook.

If circumstances have placed you back in the dating market, you may benefit from taking steps to freshen your breath. TheraBreath offers a line of products that are specially formulated to fix even the toughest bad breath problems.

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