Celebrities Have Bad Breath Too

We like to think that our favorite celebrities are without flaws, but the truth is, they all have issues like us. For instance, it’s been highly noted that many celebrities have bad breath. It’s understandable considering many actors spend hours upon hours shooting scenes. When you have to say lines over and over or sing for hours on end, you’re likely to end up with a dry mouth and bad breath. Celebrities drink coffee and alcohol just like most people, so of course they’re going to have bad breath too.

We hate to break it to Matt Damon fans, but allegedly he has bad breath. Not too long ago, Sarah Silverman was quoted as saying this about him:

“The worst thing I could say is, you know, Matt Damon is, like, a perfectionist. And his breath is like, Jesus! And his hair plugs are really obvious.”

This was said about Damon during an event back in March where he was presented with the 24th American Cinematheque Award. Although Sarah Silverman said it in a joking manner, there is probably some truth to what she said.

We don’t want to single Matt Damon out because there is a long list of celebrities who have been reported as having bad breath. We won’t mention names, but there are many famous people who have turned to Dr. Katz to help them with their dry mouth and bad breath problems.

Naturally, if you have dry mouth, this means you have less saliva in your mouth. This creates an environment with less oxygen and more bacteria. If you have this problem, remember that you’re not alone! We do recommend using our oral rinse twice a day, drinking plenty of water, and taking Vitamin C on a daily basis.

Source: Stuff.co.nz

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3 Responses to “Celebrities Have Bad Breath Too”

  1. Dentist Milpitas CA Says:

    This just goes to show that celebrities don’t have perfect oral health like people may think.

  2. nely Says:

    OMG that is nasty

  3. John Says:

    I was disappointed that only Matt Damon got a mention. I was hoping that the article would dish the dirt on some other high-profile celebs who have halitosis that could strip paint. I’ve heard that Hugh Grant, Ben Affleck, Cameron Diaz and Helena Bonham-Carter also have mouths that smell like somebody lifted the lid off a can of garbage. Would anyone else like to name and shame a few more people?

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