Gum Disease (One of the Major Causes of Bad Breath) Myths

gum disease myths

Many people fail to treat gum disease, even though it can cause severe damage if left untreated.  This is probably because most people fail to understand how serious gum/periodontal disease can be.   Statistics say that around 75%-80% of people have a for of gum disease, ranging from mild to severe. 

Here are some common MYTHS that you need to discard:

1.  Bleeding gums are not a big deal.  FALSE!  Many gum symptoms (i.e. bleeding/receding/red/swollen gums/bad breath) are all key signs that you might have periodontal disease.  If you notice that certain foods, flossing, and/or brushing can cause your gums to bleed, it’s best that you go to the dentist and get a diagnosis.  Gum disease not only can lead to tooth decay and loss, but it may help instigate disease in the heart, diabetes, and so on.  It may also be a sign of other serious issues in your body!

2.  Flossing every day is not important.  FALSE!  A good oral hygiene regimen requires that you floss on a daily basis as one of the main ways, besides brushing, to prevent gum disease.  Allegedly, only 13.5% of Americans floss that often.  Not a good sign! 

3.  Periodontist visits are intimidating, and they’ll pull your teeth if you go in for treatment.  FALSE!  Experts on gum disease have received specialized training to help with your dental problems– everything from the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of gum disease.  Also, technology and treatments are always improving, so visits are becoming more and more comfortable.  If you avoid gum disease treatment, the gums will continue to recede and you’ll lose your tooth naturally. 

4.  Once a tooth is lost from gum disease, you can’t get it back.  FALSE!  Gum disease may be one of the main causes of tooth loss in people over age 18, but periodontists are extremely knowledgeable in placing dental implants.  These are artificial tooth roots that are inserted into the jaw to hold a replacement tooth.   Dental implants have a 98% success rate, and according to surveys, over 70% of people are extremely satisfied with the results of their dental implants. 

5.  Practicing poor oral care is the only way to get gum problems.  FALSE!  Neglecting your oral hygiene can definitely be a reason for gum disease progression, but other important factors need to be acknowledged.  Tobacco use, stress, a poor diet, and even genetics can alter how your body reacts to bacteria in the oral cavity. 

6.  Gum disease gets better on its own.   FALSE!  With the right care, it may clear up eventually, but it is an infection that needs immediate attention.  Just imagine if you had these open sores on your skin–just because it is in your mouth doesn’t mean you can ignore it.

7.  Bleeding gums are normal.  FALSE!  There is a reason as to why your gums are bleeding.  It does happen to almost everyone, but there has to be an actual injury to the gums causing them to bleed.

So, all in all, these statements are NOT true, and gum disease is something that you need to treat ASAP. 

Source:  The Mouth Doctor, Perio

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5 Responses to “Gum Disease (One of the Major Causes of Bad Breath) Myths”

  1. Dentistry Roseville Says:

    Thank you for clearing all those myths up! this article is really helpful :)

  2. Dentist Glendale Says:

    It was a sad reality that many people fail to treat gum disease, but this article is the answer to make them realize what they have to know. It would be a great help for them to understand how serious gum/periodontal disease can be.

  3. Dental Hygienist Mississauga Says:

    Thanks for this great post and for setting the facts straight!

  4. dental implants Green Bay Says:

    One should really take care of one’s periodontal health. It is very important. But unfortunately this is one of the major problems that people neglect. Some does not notice even that they have any periodontal disease; some know but do not bother to go to dentists.

    But all recent research say that periodontal disease may lead one to heart disease, stroke and to many other serious health problems. Doctors say that it harms women in pregnancy also.

  5. dental implants chandler Says:

    Gum Disease “can cause severe damage if left untreated” – very true line. We take good care of our teeth, but many of us forget to take care of their gum. If there is any infection it spreads very fast and damages teeth. The problem should be resolved as early as possible!

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