Yogurt: Tooth Decay, Gum Disease and Bad Breath Cure

sugarless yogurt

According to Japanese research, sugarless yogurt can serve as another remedy for bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease.  Yogurt had allegedly reduced the levels of hydrogen suphide (a primary cause of halitosis) in 80% of participants in the study conducted by the International Association for Dental Research.  The plaque and gum disease levels were also noticeably lower among those who ate the yogurt. The main bacteria that help reduce bad breath are Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus.

The study group of volunteers ate 90 grams of yogurt every day for six weeks, while maintaining a strict diet, medication intake, and oral hygiene routine. 

People should consider having sugar-free yogurt as a healthy snack, since sugary snacks rank high in causing tooth decay.  According to statistics, 1/4 people have chronic bad breath, and 19/20 have gum disease sometime in their lives!  By cutting down on the consumption of sugary snacks and chocolate and adopting a good oral hygiene routine, one can start adopting better oral health.

Source: BBC News

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5 Responses to “Yogurt: Tooth Decay, Gum Disease and Bad Breath Cure”

  1. Cure Bad Breath Says:

    Wow. i would have never have thought that yogurt would cure bad breath

  2. dentists orange Says:

    Thank you for sharing this information. It seems that yogurt not only helps people lose weight, but also promotes oral health.

  3. Dentist Milpitas CA Says:

    Many people avoid yogurt because it doesn’t taste too good, but they need to understand that yogurt offers a lot of benefits, such as teeth protection.

  4. Dentist Glendale Says:

    This study contributes a new reliable cure in maintaining a healthy oral condition. I’m glad to know that yogurt has an oral purpose beside the typical one. We have a lot of option to obtain good oral health and this one could be a good one.

  5. Randy Deaver Says:

    Nice to know that sugarless yogurt helps reduce bad breath. I think fruits to go with yogurt are a good idea because researchers said that fruits are good for oral health. It’s said that the cause of bad breath is bacterial growth, so regular brushing and flossing are still very important.

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