The “Bad Breath Guru” Visits Phoenix

bad breath test

Dr. Harold Katz, also known as the “Bad Breath Doctor or the “Bad Breath Guru“, toured the country testing people for halitosis.  When Dr. Katz tests people’s bad breath, he uses a device called the ‘halimeter’.  A score above 100 means that someone likely has halitosis.  A person who has a score under 100 means that their breath is fairly fresh.  Many people were relieved when they found out that they had low scores on the halimeter. 

Unfortunately, it’s hard for a person to smell his or her own breath.  Blowing in one’s own hand is not a way you can really test how bad your breath is.  According to Dr. Katz, he says “it’s a good way to smell your hand.”  So, how does one try to smell his or her own breath?  Dr. Katz says that if you lick the back of your hand, allow it to dry, you can smell if you have halitosis.   Allegedly, the halitosis-causing bacteria will remain on the back of your hand, thus letting you know that you might have bad breath

All in all, Phoenix passed the “Bad Breath Test“, since Dr. Katz couldn’t find anyone with dragon breath!   That means that the Phoenicians are “kissable”, just in the nick of time for Valentine’s Day. 

Source: Phoenix Metro News

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3 Responses to “The “Bad Breath Guru” Visits Phoenix”

  1. carlos payan Says:

    dr.katz i need your help i have bad breath i had it for the last 10 years its really bad..
    you said you couldnt find anyone with bad breath in PHOENIX, AZ you havent met me i have dragons breath…
    please reply back and let me know if your in interested in my case..
    I found your website in one of your products at the store, but I have no money
    Avery time I go to the dentist they tell me there’s nothing wrong with me ,just floss and brush your teeth and i do,but there’s a problem with my gums or teeth because my breath
    Stinks really bad and my confidents is not so good …..
    Please help me sincerely, Carlos Payan….

  2. maria lopez Says:

    please send me a message i need to talk to you dr. katz..

  3. Phil R. Says:

    You can contact our patient care services at (800) 97-FRESH if you would like more information. This blog is mostly for news updates, announcements, and discussion of events by readers.

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