Jennie Garth Takes on Bad Breath!

Many celebrities are currently tackling unconventional causes. For instance, Daryl Hannah got arrested and chained herself to a tree while protesting everything from mountaintop coal removal mining to other causes, like the destruction of a South Los Angeles community garden. Steve-O from Jackass is protesting frog dissection in science class, and Madonna is helping out Romanian gypsies. Now, Jennie Garth is taking on bad breath, one of the most daunting tasks of all. According to sources, the former ‘Beverly Hils 90210′ and ‘Dancing With The Stars’ television star has already teamed up with an oral hygiene product line to have workshiops for children in the Los Angeles region. These workshops are supposed to encourage everyone to practice proper oral hygiene, thus keeping their teeth white, clean, and healthy, as well as maintaining fresh breath. Halitosis affects more than 50% of the population, so hopefully the workshops will prove useful! Who wants to smell dragon breath, anyway?

Source: Popeater

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2 Responses to “Jennie Garth Takes on Bad Breath!”

  1. Tyler Young Says:

    i like the beauty of Daryl Hannah, she is quite tall and gorgeous`':

  2. Driving Lights Says:

    oh my Daryl Hannah is quite a tall girl, i just seen here last month ~~.

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