Celebrity Phobias- Megan Fox Has a Phobia of Bad Breath!

According to sources, there are many strange phobias that celebrities have out there, and some are more common than others. For instance, Jennifer Aniston, Colin Farrell, Whoopi Goldberg, Aretha Franklin all have the common fear of flying. Ironically, the former Baywatch star Carmen Electra actually has a fear of water and claims that she has panic attacks if she even gets close to it!

As for less conventional fears, the “world’s sexiest woman” Megan Fox allegedly hates bad breath so much that she has a major phobia of it! That’s right, fellas, you better stock up on your TheraBreath…no halitosis for Megan Fox!

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One Response to “Celebrity Phobias- Megan Fox Has a Phobia of Bad Breath!”

  1. mookie Says:

    megan fox is a pretty woman but without
    make up she’ll bravely scared the cameras !!!

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