Avoiding the H1N1 Flu (and Bad Breath) This Season

swine flu

FACT: There are two primary places for the FLU VIRUS (H1N1 and others) to enter your body and cause you to become infected. These two places are YOUR NOSE and YOUR MOUTH. Minimizing the ability of germs to get into your system through those two places is one of best and easiest ways to stay healthy this flu season.

Here are some tips to help you avoid “leaving an open door” for the potentially deadly flu bug during this most contagious season of the year:

The most common piece of advice to prevent the onset of swine flu is to wash your hands. Why? Most people have no idea how many times we bring our hands to our mouth but the fact is we do it many times per hour. If you pick up the virus by touching a door knob or other infected hard surface and then bring your hands toward your mouth, you have a pretty good chance of getting sick. Wash your hands with soap and water throughout the day and carry instant sanitizer with you on the go. Keeping your hands clean is absolutely essential to keeping healthy.

When someone is sneezing and coughing it’s extremely important they cover their mouth. However, it also helps for you to cover your nose and mouth when others nearby are coughing and sneezing. When those that are sick sneeze, cough, and even breathe they fill the air around them with airborne and highly infections germs. Try to minimize what you inhale by covering your mouth with a handkerchief or your own clean hand.

3. USE TheraBreath Nasal-Sinus Drops and TheraBreath Extinguisher Spray TO HELP CREATE A BARRIER AGAINST GERMS :
While my formulas were developed to help fight the germs that cause bad breath and tooth decay, they are extremely effective anti-microbial agents as well. A few drops of TheraBreath Nasal Sinus drops in each nostril every 12 hours will create an environment hostile to germs in your nasal cavity. Similarly, regular use of the Extinguisher Spray will also make it hard for sore throat and flu germs to take up residence in your throat. By using these formulas in your mouth and nose, the two primary means of entry for germs, you will reduce their ability to transmit infection to you and your likelihood of getting sick.  Also, when you have flu and/or you are taking medications, you are much more likely to have bad breath as well. 

This is a busy season for all of us. By using some basic common sense, following these basic tips, and practicing good hygiene we can make sure to stay healthy and keep those around us feeling in top shape as well.

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3 Responses to “Avoiding the H1N1 Flu (and Bad Breath) This Season”

  1. Carrie Bond Says:

    If I t ake certain medications while having theh H1N1 influenza infection, am I likely to have a distinctly foul breath even after brushing my teeth frequently? Is this a characteristic of the H1N1 flu symptoms?

  2. Phil Says:

    It would depend on the medication. However, many medications will tend to create a dry mouth side-effect or otherwise interfere with your body’s natural defenses against the germs that cause bad breath.
    Drink plenty of water and make sure to use a product that NEUTRALIZES germs and their ability to metabolize, such as TheraBreath Toothpate and Oral Rinse. You should see a substantial improvement in any breath odor.

    Get well soon!

  3. Dental Hygienist Mississauga Says:

    Thanks for this really informative information.

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