Aromatherapy: Bad Breath & Halitosis Cure

aromatherapy bad breath
As we all know, bad breath (halitosis) is a socially embarrassing issue, with a huge list of causes: everything from dry mouth, oral decay, medicines, excessive smoking, dentures, and gum disease. Luckily, as a problem with many causes, there are also many cures.

Many remedies have been tested for stopping halitosis, most of which are temporary. The best way to tackle bad breath for the long haul is to target the underlying cause. This can be done by improving oral hygiene, getting rid of gum/periodontal disease, and having oral fixtures removed. Aromatherapy is yet another cure for bad breath. Yes, another home treatment! The effects of aromatic essential oils tend to be longer-lasting. The use of it as a bad breath remedy is increasing throughout the world, since it has other benefits on top of halting halitosis.

Essential Oils & Bad Breath

Even though essential oils are taken from plants, they can be toxic when ingested, depending on which one you use and how much of it. It is recommended that one should confer with a doctor prior to using essential oils, so that one can find the essential oil that is most suitable. Some should also be diluted prior to use, like tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is anti-bacterial, and can be used to kill the bad breath-causing bacteria in the oral cavity.

In our toothpastes and mouthwashes, one may find that peppermint and fennel essential oils are commonly used. One can also create his or her own mouthwashes with these oils, depending on how much one knows about these oils. For instance, one can mix tea tree oil with warm water and rinse the mouth out twice a day with it. For a fast treatment, one can use a drop of peppermint oil on the tongue and hold it for a few minutes. Spearmint, lavender, cardamom and almond essential oils are also used to cure bad breath.

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9 Responses to “Aromatherapy: Bad Breath & Halitosis Cure”

  1. Tammie Lavigne Says:

    well, i do believe that some aromatherapy oils can help ease out bad breath problems. however, i also recommend that to anyone who have recurring problems on bad breath, you might want to consider lifestyle change. and of course, secure physician’s advice coz it might be more than just the outside smell. it might be cause by some problems internally.

  2. The Neo Alternative Says:

    Essential oils affect us on both physical and psychological level. They have the highest frequency of all natural substances giving them their energizing properties. Essential oils have varied positive effects on mind and body. They have antiseptic and antibacterial properties and an ability to restore balance of mind, body and spirit.

  3. Dominic Gonzales Says:

    i like aromatherapy because it is a very relaxing treatment.,:.

  4. Cameron Kelly Says:

    what i like aromatherapy is the scent which is booth soothing and enjoyable -

  5. Caroline Bryant Says:

    essential oils are very soothing and they smell good too’*,

  6. Martha Thomson Says:

    the good thing about essential oils is that they are therapeutic and smells great:’,

  7. Transistor  Says:

    my father loves aromatherapy because of its soothing effect”`,

  8. Philippine Lotto Results · Says:

    it is really great to immerse yourself in an air full of Aromatherpay Oils, it is very soothing “”

  9. Contact Paper · Says:

    olive oils and other essential oils are very good for aromatherapy and for cooking too “

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