What To Do if You Bite Your Tongue


All of us bite/cut our tongue at one time or another, sometimes while we are eating and at other times by accident.  Maybe you have scraped your tongue against a rough surface.  Also, if you have an impacted tooth, the tongue may rub against the edge of it and become bruised.

Usually a bitten / bruised tongue is not extremely serious.  However, if you have severe and uncontrollable bleeding, you should get emergency treatment.  After the pain of having bitten your tongue, the pain usually is discontinued after a couple minutes.

Bitten Tongue Remedies

If the bruise on the tongue is not too serious, you can try the following:

1)  Apply toothpaste onto the bruised part of the tongue.  The mint releases a cooling sensation onto the stinging area.
2) Gargle with salt and water.  This helps to maintain the salinity of the tongue and heal the wound.   Sometimes you may only need to gargle with lukewarm water. 
3)  You may also grab a piece of ice and place it on the affected part of the tongue.  The ice’s coolness will eliminate the pain.  Also, the ice cold feeling helps the exposed blood vessels to heal faster, thus preventing further bleeding.
4) Applying aloe vera juice against the bruise will help treat the bruised tongue.  Sometimes aloe vera comes in a gel form that makes applying it easier.
5) Gargling cold water and holding the water in your mouth helps some people get rid of the pain completely.  If you do this, be careful that the water is not so cold that the blood vessels in the mouth become numb. 

Good luck!

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6 Responses to “What To Do if You Bite Your Tongue”

  1. kate Says:


  2. Kelsi Maronge Says:

    Thanks for the info! I bit my tongue & it hurts really bad. Sometimes I don’t mean to do it , but it happens:(

  3. leah Says:

    Thank u guys so much for these tips and answers to my question that I neede to know very quick thankb you all so much ;)

  4. Nahum Says:

    About the ice tip, is it better to wrap the ice up with a paper towel or to use it by itself. I dont want the ice to stick to my tongue.

  5. Liz Says:

    Ok what do you do if you bite the side of your tongue really had and now there is blood under the skin and it bout an inch long too why I am asking this for is because you see I was chewing gum and all of sudden i bit the side of my tongue really hard and wasn’t paying attention about it until i got home and look in the mirror and notice where i bit on the left side of my tongue there was blood under the skin and it about i say an inch long and i dont know what to do about it

  6. admin Says:

    If your injury is due to biting your tongue, not to worry. The oral cavity heals quickly and it should subside without needing to do anything. Just be cautious while eating and drinking until your tongue is healed.

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