Five Secrets That Dentists Keep From You

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Aside from brushing and flossing, there are other things that your dentist could you tell so you can better care for your teeth.  There are secrets that dentists know that their patients do not.  These usually include the following:

1)  Your dentist can tell if you smoke.  Even if someone brushes their teeth or tries to cover it up with mints, gum, or mouthwash, the smell is actually embedded in the mouth, especially the gum tissue!

  • Smokers are also 4X more likely to get periodontal disease than those who do not smoke.

2)  The oral bacteria that causes cavities can spread on food and cutlery.  For instance, mothers will share their utensils and food with their kids, but bad bacteria can be spread this way.  This also goes to say that one should take special care when kissing (especially their little ones) if he or she has gum disease or cavities, since these bacteria are contagious.

3)  When most people brush, they only clean less than 1/4 of their mouths!  Most people brush for 30 seconds or less, and good oral hygiene requires at least five minutes of brushing and flossing each day.  One should brush at least 2-3 minutes at a time, and floss for 1-2 minutes each time.  When people brush only 30 seconds, they are missing their back molars 90% of the time. 

4) Bleaching Teeth Too Much Can Make Them Translucent!  Teeth whitening can thin the enamel, so never bleach your teeth more than once every six months.  If the gel bothers your gums and teeth, try a fluoride rinse or gel before and after using the bleaching gel.  This will make your teeth less sensitive. 

5) Don’t get your mouth deep cleaned when you only need a regular cleaning.  Some dentists want to charge your insurance more, so they will tell you that you need a deep cleaning when you do not.  Those who need a deep cleaning are people who have a lot of tartar on their roots or other symptoms of disease. 

Source: ABC News

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5 Responses to “Five Secrets That Dentists Keep From You”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Thanks! All these points are very important for oral hygene. I’ve heard of studies that prove point #2; that mothers share bacteria with their babies if they share spoons. Dentists don’t tell me anything about xylitol, which has been proven to reduce this cavity causing bacteria in the mouth. I know from studies done on pubmed.

  2. incense suppliers Says:

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  3. Pete Volk Says:

    If a dental practitioner tells you that you need scaling and root planing (aka deep cleaning) you probably DO need it. They are not trying to get you for more money, they are just doing what is best for your oral health.

  4. Dental Hygienist Mississauga Says:

    This is a great post. I laughed a little thinking of how I think I can hide my sins from my dentist but I know He knows!

  5. dentist Says:


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