Natural Herbs That Help Get Rid of Bad Breath

Try an alternative to mouthwash.  What natural herbs help freshen breath?  Try out parsley, basil or coriander.  These herbs contain chlorophyll, the green plant pigment, which serves as a strong breath freshener

Here are some others:

Anise:  This is a licorice-flavored herb whose seeds have been used for a long time to freshen breath.

Cardamom:  This contains cineole, which is a potent antiseptic that kills the bad breath-causing bacteria.  You can chew the seeds and spit them out. 

Dill:  also rich in chlorophyll.  You can chew the seeds, or make dill tea by adding mashed seeds or the leaves to boiling water.

Peppermint tea:  This is an antiseptic that gets rid of bad breath as well.


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  1. DDS Orange Says:

    I think that natural remedies are a great way of getting rid of bad breath. At least you know that there are no chemicals in them that may damage your teeth.

  2. Mauro Pinnt Says:

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