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Bad Breath Herbal Remedies

Friday, April 17th, 2009

Before chewing gum and mouthwash existed, many people around the world used herbs to stop bad breath (halitosis).  This is because herbs are known for their strong aromas and flavors; thus, people thought it was bound to stop halitosis and awful tastes in their mouth.  According to scientific research, herbs also control oral bacteria, which in turn leads to healthier gums, teeth, and tissues.  The people using the herbs most likely did not know this information back then.

Many mouthwashes that first came on the market used herbal remedies in their formulas.  Some mouthwashes today are herbal remedies for bad breath, using ingredients like menthol (from a mint plant); eucalyptol ( from a eucalyptus tree); methyl salicylate (wintergreen); and thymol (thyme).  The antiseptic properties of these herbs also aid in cleaning the mouth, which can prevent bad breath from returning.

Another herbal remedy for bad breath is chlorophyll (a molecule that is created when green plants absorb light to turn it into energy), because it can absorb bad odors rather effectively.  This is why plants that have a high amount of chlorophyll, like parsley, vegetables, and algae, can be a good solution to bad breath.  Cloves and peppermint are also popular and safe herbal remedies for halitosis.

Sage, dill, and cardamom can be used to get rid of bad breath, but it is best to do research since some plants can be toxic when used in certain ways, like being put directly into your mouth.  It is best to consult with an expert on herbal remedies before mixing various plants to fight bad breath as well.

In an undiluted state, a smaller amount of herbs can go a longer way than the diluted ones used in mouthwash liquid formulas.


Man in Jail for Biting Mom’s Hand After She Tells Him He Has Bad Breath

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

April 14:  A Florida man, Charles Grimes, and his mom were arguing about money and other issues on Sunday when the mother covers her nose with her hand. The son had been drinking beer most of the day, according to reports. He was offended by this comment so he bit her knuckle on her right forefinger. Grimes, age 41, was charged with domestic battery and is currently in jail without bail.

Source: Tampa Bay News


What Medical Conditions Cause Bad Breath?

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

In a dental office, people often pick up brochures that discuss how to get rid of bad breath.  In general, people like to know if their breath smells poorly.  Bad breath can be very unpleasant if you experience it coming from someone else’s mouth.

People often question how well their minty flavored mouthwashes work, especially since they have it everyday and may still experience bad breath.

Short-term bad breath is can be caused by having onions in a meal, which generally resolves itself when the food works its way through your system.  Mouthwash temporarily covers the smell, but the natural-occuring bacteria that causes this bad smell feeds on any left-over food in your mouth.  Also, dieting can lead to bad breath because the human body releases various chemicals in your breath when it breaks down stored protein and fat.

Some of the main medical conditions that can cause bad breath are sinusitis, respiratory infections, gastro-intestinal problems, and dry mouth (commonly caused by medications).  If you have chronic salty tastes in your mouth or moving teeth, you may have gum disease, which can lead to serious problems.  What happens is bacteria trapped around the teeth cause gum inflammation and overall inflammation, which can eventually lead to bone loss and tooth loss if left unchecked.

Foul-smelling breath caused by health issues generally won’t go away without proper care. To solve these issues permanently, one needs to get to the root of the problem and consult a professional, like a dentist.  Dentists should recognize periodontal disease and know how to treat it.

Mouthwash may help bad breath temporarily, but by doing this frequently, it can be like wearing a bandage on an open wound that never heals. If you don’t want a long-term bandage on your hand, why would you want one for your overall health?

If people offer you gum or are scared away by your bad breath all the time, you may have a bigger issue than bad breath to resolve.

Source:  Marcine Hays, Oak Park Family Dental Care

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Bad Breath in Cats and Dogs

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Bad Breath in Dogs Can Mean Serious Health Complications

Imagine your beloved pet coming up to you to cuddle like it does every day, but lately you’ve been noticing your pet has bad breath that is getting worse and worse.  With our furry friends, there could be multiple causes for this bad breath.  These include teeth problems, kidney dysfunction, diabetes, and foreign bodies in the mouth.

Dental disease is the most common, and dirty teeth is one of the main things that the vet will be looking for when looking in your pet’s mouth.  Other things to be checked out are the pet’s hydration status, and the color of its gums.  If the pet’s teeth are covered in chunks of calculus, the solution requires much more than brushing.  Nowadays, pet owners are more aware that their pet’s teeth need to be scaled and polished just as a human’s would.

Oral foreign bodies can cause infections, like a bone embedded in the roof of a dog’s mouth.  Metabolic disorders can occur when the pet’s kidneys are not working properly; thus, toxins in the blood can cause ulcerations in the mouth that cause bad breath. Remember that any mouth ulcerations or inflamed gums can give your pet bad breath, including viral diseases in cats. Diabetes can give a your pet’s breath a certain “ketotic” odor that your vet should recognize.

All in all, brushing and buying tartar control treats for Fido may not always be enough, so remember the possibilities!

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Julie Roberts’ Bout of Bad Breath

Monday, April 13th, 2009

More celebrities with bad breath!  Recently, Julia Roberts and her peanut butter sandwiches caused a huge stink when shooting love scenes with actor Clive Owen for the movie ‘Duplicity.’

The Hollywood star and Owen had been comfortable shooting sexy scenes together since they had become friends after shooting the movie ‘Closer’ together back in 2004, but her peanut butter sandwich cravings caused some issues.  She often ate them between scenes, so she had to freshen up frequently before filming the more intimate takes.

Luckily she was so comfortable shooting with Owen, because she was frequently asking him for mints after having the sandwiches.

Source: CNN