Julie Roberts’ Bout of Bad Breath

More celebrities with bad breath!  Recently, Julia Roberts and her peanut butter sandwiches caused a huge stink when shooting love scenes with actor Clive Owen for the movie ‘Duplicity.’

The Hollywood star and Owen had been comfortable shooting sexy scenes together since they had become friends after shooting the movie ‘Closer’ together back in 2004, but her peanut butter sandwich cravings caused some issues.  She often ate them between scenes, so she had to freshen up frequently before filming the more intimate takes.

Luckily she was so comfortable shooting with Owen, because she was frequently asking him for mints after having the sandwiches.

Source: CNN

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10 Responses to “Julie Roberts’ Bout of Bad Breath”

  1. paul Says:

    I don’t care how bad her breath smells. Mr Owen should be thankful that he gets to lock lips with such a gorgeous woman. Hey, I’d gladly spend hours kissing her, even it it was at the crack of dawn and she hadn’t brushed her teeth in weeks!

  2. Layla Collins Says:

    Julia Roberts always have that classice beauty that we admire.;’`

  3. Gabriel Walker Says:

    i am allergic to peanuts so i can only taste a bit of peanut butter even if i love it so much.';.

  4. Wyatt Richardson Says:

    i first saw julia robers on the movie pretty woman. she is really very beautiful:::

  5. Lexi Adams Says:

    i love the taste of peanut butter but i have peanut allergy so i cant eat it*;-

  6. Caramoan  Says:

    i have also an allergy on peanute butter but i can eat a little of it”`:

  7. Schematic Diagram : Says:

    Julia Roberts has that classic beauty look and she is also a very talented actress.*,

  8. Fishing Umbrella : Says:

    peanute butter with strawberry jelly is my favorite sandwhich spread. it taste so yummy”`-

  9. Victoria Young Says:

    there are many pretty actresses these days but of course Julia Roberts would always be the Pretty Woman ;:,

  10. Plastic Holder Says:

    peanut butters are very tasty, the only problem is that i have some very bad peanut allergy ~’.

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