QuickQuiz – Would you break up over bad breath?


4 Responses to “QuickQuiz – Would you break up over bad breath?”

  1. sondra glenn Says:

    my husband developed the worse breath on the planet. i hated to kiss him because it was so nasty. i didn’t want to be rude to him, but i had to constantly say please go brush your teeth. so typically he would just go swish mouthwash around or eat a breath mint. i would gently try to coax him into asking the dentist or a doctor what could be going on. it in a indirect way ruined our relationship because i just couldn’t get passionate with that smelly mouth. we ended up getting a divorce because he said he wanted someone that wanted him. shortly after the divorce he did research and found out all he had to do was brush and clean his dang tongue. now the problem has been resolved!!!

  2. LuLu Says:

    I would just tell him to please eat mints or brush his teeth with mint toothpaste because that discausting!

  3. JO Says:

    It’s hard for people who don’t suffer from bad breath to understand the seriousness of the problem. It isn’t always that simple to get rid of. I don’t think it’s fair to break up with someone just for that. Do some research and talk about it. If it where that easy by brushing his teeth and tongue with just any ordinary toothpaste that solved the problem than your husband was just damn lazy.

  4. Ibrahim Says:

    Dear Dr.

    I have seen you video on bad breath. The mouth wash you are offering is excellent. Really amazed. Have a nice day.

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